Thursday, June 23, 2011

Red Carpet Rundown: Much Music Video Awards

I know it's hard to keep up with Canadian Fashion. Population wise, about 0.5% of the world's people live there, so that's about how much attention you should spend. To be fair, that's about the same number as there are Californians, and I spend nearly 100% of my mental energy focusing on my own Californian clothing. And as you know, I spent the last year of my life on the phone with Anglo and French-Canadians doing customer service with Gap Inc, and thus have a well documented fascination with them. The most important thing I learned from my year of talking to Canadians were that they're people too, just like Americans. Except more polite. 

In case you missed the highly influential Much Music Video awards, here's what went down on the red carpet.  Judging by the fashion at this awards show, however, I may have been giving Canadians too much credit. Here are some of the questionable choices made by the young Canadian stars and some Americans who probably just happened to be shooting in Toronto (plus Lady Gaga). In addition to the clothes, I question their judgment to let Selena Gomez host their awards show, simply because she is dating Canadian Crowned Prince Justin Beiber.

Avril Lavinge (born Belleville, Ontario)
Nina Dobrev (born Sofia, Bulgaria, rasied Toronto, Ontario), The Vampire Diaries. She wears Georges Chakra, plus too-casual-for couture Aldo pumps.

Selena Gomez (born Grand Prairie, Texas) in Burberry Prorsum.

Hostess Gomez in Dsquared²
Lady Gaga (born New York, New York) in Atelier Versace
Gaga in Vintage Versace
Colin Farrell (born Dublin, Ireland), looking out of place as normal (non-Canadian, non Vampire) person
Justin Beiber (born Stratford, Ontario)
So here the Beebs thought it would be cute to wear a "Saved by the Bell" Kelly Kapowski T-Shirt. I had to look that up, because at 24, I was a little two young for Saved by the Bell, which ended it's original run in 1993, a year before Justin Beiber was born. I know some other kids my age watched it on TFIG on ABC, but I was already too cool for network TV and watching Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite and the Weather Channel at that point.

Nikki Reed (born West Los Angeles, California) of Twilight wearing Ronald Abdala
Can you help him find his other suspender? Ian Somerhalder (born Covington, Louisiana), The Vampire Diaries.

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